Park only on poolside curb of the residents’ and do not block any mailboxes. We ask that you kindly adhere to our parking policy, that can be found in detail attached to the email reminder you will receive before your child’s lessons begin. 

Drop off/Pick up
Escort your child back to the pool area at the start time of his/her lesson, no earlier. Come back to pick up your child 25 minutes into the lesson.

Please do not assume that lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather. We have a lightening detector and will notify you if lessons must be cancelled due to weather. If you choose not to attend lessons due to weather and lessons have not been cancelled by the school, we cannot guarantee make up lessons.

We will allow a make up lesson for one absence due to illness. If your child misses two or more days of lessons, we ask that you reschedule his/her session of lessons by contacting


We can only provide a full refund for lessons that are cancelled at least two weeks prior to the start date of the lesson. Because we have to pay our instructors for their time, whether or not children are present, we will not refund for lessons cancelled within two weeks of their start date.

Olivia at fwfamilyswimschool@gmail.com